In life regardless of the success that we achieve in any or all areas we are all know for certain that true fulfilment can only be found in one main thing – the emotional quality of our personal relationships.

Despite your past experiences or even your current relationship, even if you are in search of attracting the right partner.

What if you could ignite more love, joy and excitement in your relationship starting right now? What if you could reclaim the passion that you and your partner both deserve?

I used to say to my dad, `How did you and Mom stay married for all this time?’ and he’d say, `Two things. Number one: You got to have the same dreams. One person can’t be daydreaming about walking down the street in Paris, the other person want to work in a coal mine. Number two: We never wanted to be apart from each.' - Nelson Mandela

The promise of something deeper, richer, more passionate and lasting IS within your grasp.

And if you’re not currently in a relationship – isn’t it time to have a proven approach for attracting your ideal mate… someone who loves and cherishes you, who lights you up and charges you? If you want your relationship to be an area of excitement, juice, passion and aliveness, then you need to know the tools that can give you the ultimate advantage.

Why not see what the possibilities are by simply transforming your beliefs, penetrate your fears and master the fundamental skills necessary to create the ultimate relationship you desire and deserve.

A must attend workshop for all. Midas Touch has used bits of; Coaching, Therapy, NLP, Counselling, and for those that want to understand a person’s needs. You will learn how to fulfil these needs or even change them in order to massively change patterns, habits and behaviours.

Just truly amazing! A life changing workshop, in fact I found it painful to be honest with myself and admit that there are so many areas that I have not been the authentic version of myself and my relationships have suffered.

This workshop is insightful and you learn so many more skills that you can anticipate, but you also take away many questions that you will continue to ask yourself and continue your journey. These tools will greatly benefit you; … the journey to understanding this love subject, is a marvel that many in the room had a tear in their eye, when seeing the process unravel and a person is freed. No matter whom you are!